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GradTrack is a service offered by the Evans Library to support Florida Tech graduate students.

How to apply for TA, GSA positions

Graduate Assistantships are awarded to well-qualified students (GPA, grades etc.). Graduate Assistantships are awarded on an academic year basis (Fall-Spring); some are available in the summer term.

There are two types of Assistantships: Teaching and Research Assistantships.

  • Teaching Assistants (TAs) serve in many roles to help faculty teach both undergraduate and graduate lecture courses and laboratories. First-time TA's must attend and successfully complete the Teaching Assistant Seminar prior to beginning their assignments. In addition, international students are required to demonstrate proficiency in the English language and must also be formally evaluated in writing by their faculty supervisor as a condition for renewal of their award normally once per academic year. These evaluations become a part of the TA's record.
  • Research Assistants (RAs) work with faculty members on scientific research projects supported by governmental and private sponsors. most of the time, these projects are directly related to the student's thesis or dissertation research. Formal evaluations are not required for RAs

Visit the Graduate Student Assistantship website for information on the application process, deadline, required documentation, policies and regulations concerning employment and credit loads, tuition, stipends and taxes.

Teaching Assistant Seminar

All first-time Teaching Assistants are required to attend and successfully complete a 3-day Teaching Assistant Seminar prior to the start of the Fall or Spring Semester. Attendance and successful completion of the Seminar (including a written component) are mandatory and a condition of appointment. Unexcused absences from any portion of the seminar or failure to attend are cause for revocation of the TA award. Please visit the Teaching Assistant Seminar website.

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