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GradTrack is a service offered by the Evans Library to support Florida Tech graduate students.

Creating Presentations

**Presentation practice sessions offered by the Evans Library are temporarily suspended.**

You can email Chelsea Stripling ( to schedule a session. Guidance is offered for individual and team presentations.  

Templates & Tips:     

Tools & Templates for Online Presentations & Posters

The following is a non-exhaustive list of potential poster creation tools and formats:
  • Google Slides - Choose from a wide variety of pitches, portfolios, pre-made presentations, a variety of presentation themes, hundreds of fonts, embedded video, animations, and more.
  • Articulate - e-learning apps
  • H5P -create, share and reuse interactive content.
  • Prezi - helps you to deliver information the way that the audience can engage most.  Note: Prezi is NOT accessible, and is also not compatible with Internet Explorer. If Prezi is used; an alternate, accessible format should also be provided. 
  • Microsoft Sway - create newsletters, presentations and documentation.
  • Genially - create presentations and infographics.
  • Piktochart - create infographics, presentations, and flyers
  • Canva  - design using templates and images.
  • Glisser - makes meetings more engaging and allows you to share slides live to audience smartphones as they are presented, so they can write notes,keep and share the content.
  • Slidebean is a comprehensive presentation software for students.
  • Keynote Apple's equivalent to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Videos (hosted on YouTube or Vimeo)
  • Images
  • PDFs

Note on formats - Consider Accessibility:

  • Accessibility should be considered when selecting formats; see the DLS Instruction Committee’s Accessibility Guide for more information.
  • In particular, ensure all videos have captions and that any text is large enough to be read. Where possible, provide multiple formats for posters (e.g. both a video and a text transcript) to improve accessibility.
  • ​Some institutions block Google Drive, including Google Slides, Google Docs, and any PDFs or other files hosted on Google Drive.
  • Presenters using Google Drive to host materials should be sure to provide their contact information in their presenter bio, so that attendees can contact them for materials if needed.
  • Prezi is NOT accessible, and is also not compatible with Internet Explorer. If Prezi is used, an alternate, accessible format should also be provided. 
  • Most attendees will be viewing the poster session on a computer, but attendees may want to consider whether their formats are viewable on mobile devices.
  • All files (other than texts and images under 10MB) should be self-hosted. Presenters should not submit raw files, but rather should submit a public link to where the file is hosted.
  • Please include an embed code if possible (height="600" width="800" is a good default).
  • Remember: posters should be interactive, and visual in nature. Multimedia is encouraged. Text-heavy PDFs, presentations, or images are discouraged.

Department of Instructional Technology

Florida Tech's Instructional Technology Department designs, installs and supports the multimedia presentation and conferencing solutions in classrooms, meeting rooms, and lecture halls.  Instructional Technology also administers the Canvas learning management system, Panopto lecture capture, Adobe Connect conferencing. For finding more information about the services click on the links below.