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What is ORCiD? 

How to Turn Your Dissertation, Thesis, or Paper into a Publication

From SAGE Publications: Steps for how to get a publication-ready paper in a scholarly journal.

Part 1: Where do you go from here?

Part 2: Where to publish?

Part 3: What to publish?

Part 4: The Transformation

How to Submit Papers to Upcoming Conferences

  • Ask a faculty member,
  • Join the professional society to get information about conferences.

How to submit a paper to a journal

Submitting the Journal Abstract (Purdue OWL)

This resource will help undergraduate, graduate, and professional scholars write proposals for academic conferences, articles, and books.

Where should I publish my paper?

Finding the right journal to publish an article is a difficult process. You may consider following criteria:

  • A subject area that a journal covers mainly when the research is multidisciplinary 
  • Type of articles published
  • Name and reputation of the journal
  • Time to publication (such as frequency)
  • Viewer and audience of journal 
  • Journal ranking (impact factors)
  • Open access options 

Below are some tools and websites to help you identify journals to publish in:

A journal matching tool from a journal services firm. Searches across a variety of disciplines and includes impact factors in the result.


Publishing your article & identifying the best journals (from APA Style Central)

Publishing Your Journal Article

Learn how to publish your journal article, including how to prepare your manuscript for submission, choose the best journal for your work and submit your work for consideration, handle the peer review process, navigate the publication process, and uphold your responsibilities as an author even after your work has been published.


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Open Access - Publishing and Journals


Evaluating Publishers & Publications