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Formatting your Thesis and Dissertation:Tools,Tips and Troubleshooting

Formatting Page Numbers

Page Numbers (also Header & Footer)

1. On the Insert tab, in the Header & Footer group, click Header, Footer or Page Number.

2. Click the design that you want from the options.

3. The header or footer is inserted on every page of the document. You will also see the body text is now lighter.

4. You can now add/modify the text, format the text or change the position.

5. You will also notice the Ribbon bar has popped up header and footer, tools Design tab

Click on the header and footer tools Design tab to activate working in headers and footers. You also have options that can be applied to the Header & Footer bars.

Inserting page number in footers

In the header and footer design tab, select page number.


A. click on Bottom of page and select Plain number 2 (centered page number). As mentioned before, depending on the instructions.

B. This will take you back into the Design menu

C. You will notice in this menu whether Link to Previous is highlighted. Click on this to turn it off. This controls text and page numbers following through from section to section.

D. Click on Page number again and this time select Format page number.

E. Select the type of numbers you need. Select small Roman numerals (I, ii, iii etc.) for all pages from Contents to Chapter 1. Start the Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3 etc) from the first page of chapter 1. The title page has no page number. (In double-sided printing, you will need to turn off same as previous on the first odd and the first even page of each new section).

F. If you want page numbers to continue from the previous section/chapter, check ‘continue from previous section’


G. If you want to start fresh numbering in the section or chapter, select ‘start at’ and enter the starting number (usually 1).



Sections in the ‘Preliminaries’ file will have small Roman numerals for page numbering, while the rest of the document will have Arabic numerals. This is one of the reasons why it is important to keep the ‘same as previous’ option turned off. If it is on, all numbers or text in the header or footer will be the same throughout the entire document.


When working in headers and footers, you must have the cursor blinking in the header or footer space on the page, otherwise nothing will happen. When you click into the header or footer space, the Design menu will appear, which includes the header and footer sub-menu.

The page numbers also have to fit within the 1 - 1.2-inch margins of the page. In the Header and Footer design tab you will see options to adjust the margins of the header and footer. Adjust Footer from Bottom to your required spacing.