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Formatting your Thesis and Dissertation:Tools,Tips and Troubleshooting

Adding Page Numbers to Landscaped Pages

Landscape page/page numbering

Inserting a landscape page on the Mac version of Word works the same as on the PC version. The difference lies in how to format the page numbers.

Once your page is inserted and correctly orientated to landscape you will need to make sure that the page number is disconnected from the previous sections.

Double-click in the header and footer and turn off “link to previous” Repeat on the page following the landscape page so your changes don’t impact its page numbering.

Delete the page number from the landscape page

In the “Insert” toolbox, Choose  Text Box then Draw Vertical Text Box

Hold shift when you draw to create a square box. You will need about .38” to fit the number.

Type in your page number and ensure the font matches your main text.

In the Shape Format toolbox, choose Position then More Layout Options.

Set the Horizontal Absolute Position to the margin you are using in the rest of your document 1” or 1.2”. If you are positioning your page numbers in  the center of the bottom select to the right of the Left Margin

For the Vertical Alignment – Centered relative to Page.

Repeat for all landscape pages