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Formatting your Thesis and Dissertation:Tools,Tips and Troubleshooting

In need of a unbound copy of your thesis or dissertation?

Printing Theses and Dissertations at the Copy Center:

Printing your thesis at the Copy Center ensures there is no issue with the printer, paper or payment to interfere with your print job.  

There are several ways to send your document:

  • Submit it for printing via the Copy Center Digital Store Front. Pay via credit card..
  • Email your pdf file to Copy Center Be sure to send it from your email account.
  • Bring your document on your flash drive to the Copy Center.

Walk-in payments include cash, credit card or Panther Cash.

Printing costs 10¢ per page for black and white and 40¢ per page for color. Tax will be charged for your print job.

Thesis envelopes are available to purchase in person for one dollar.

The Copy Center is located in the Academic Quad 406, Room 122


Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Want to Bind your Thesis or Dissertation?

Student Guide to Binding your Thesis or Dissertation


Binding your thesis or dissertation is not required.  

Once your thesis has been accepted and approved by the Office of Graduate Programs you may submit your thesis to be bound via an online bindery.  While Florida Tech does not endorse a particular bindery, the following companies have experience working with theses and dissertations.  

Prices will vary by company, order specifications and shipping.   Please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of each company online for more specific information about how to submit your order.  

If you have additional questions, please contact Nancy Garmer, @ Evans Library.

Some questions to consider are:  

  • How many copies would you like?  
  • Is it a requirement of your sponsor to present a bound thesis upon return home?  
  • How quickly do you need your bound copy?  
  • Do you need international shipping? 
  • Would you like to include your original signature page in your bound copy?  
  • Is a scanned copy of your signature page OK?  


Most binding companies allow for the following customizations of your thesis:  

  • Choice and color of cover  
  • Paper type, size and quality  
  • Single or double spacing 
  • Color or black and white print 
  • Spine lettering 
  • Choice of front cover lettering  
  • CD/DVD media pocket 

Florida Tech Copy Center 

  • The Florida Tech Copy Center can bind your thesis with a soft cover spiral bind with a clear acetate front sheet.
  • The Copy Center is in the Academic Quad, Building 406, Room 122.
  • The document can be printed on 20lb, 24lb or 28lb paper.
  • Students can order this product online at
  • Pick-up time within three (3) days.

GradWorks Online 

  • GradWorks Online will ship to multiple addresses as well as ship International Economy.  
  • Only prints 8.5” x 11” with the inside pages slightly smaller.  
  • Front cover lettering only.   
  • Paper type is limited to standard or 25% cotton. 
  • Starting price without shipping is $17.00.  
  • GradWorks Online details.

PHD Book Binding

  • Includes the choice to have The Florida Institute of Technology seal applied to the front cover.  Use the Gold Foil Emblem and Lettering menu to select Florida Tech’s university emblem.
  • PHD offers a 5% discount to Florida Tech students.  Login to the PHD site with the following:
    • Username: 87discount and Password: $21016disc#
    • On the top of the Checkout page, click the blue bar and enter coupon code: special5
  • A sample bound thesis is available to review at the Library iDesk.
  • If notified, PHD will hold binding until the signature pages arrive in the mail.  
  • You may specify particular pages to be printed in color.  
  • PHD Book Binding FAQ.

Thesis On Demand  

  • Thesis On Demand ships to U.S. addresses only, no PO boxes.   
  • Requires an extra order form and fee to mail original signature pages for inclusion.  
  • A4 size paper can only be printed on White Vellum 60lb paper.  
  • Binds in Buckram cloth only or leather (+$85.00). 
  • Theses on Demand FAQs.