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Open Data

A guide to open data principles, best practices, and resources.

Further Reading

There are several organizations and websites dedicated to defining the principles of open data and disseminating information on the subject. Below is a list of some fo the best resources you can explore to learn more about open data. 

Open Data Barometer

  • A project undertaken by the World Wide Web Foundation that calculates a global measure of how governments are publishing and using open data for accountability, innovation, and social impact. ODB offers a comprehensive report on the global state of open data, as well as country-by-country breakdowns. 

Open Data Commons

  • Offers a set of legal tools to help users provide and use open data. 

Open Data Handbook

  • A resource made available by Open Knowledge International with information on the legal, social, and technical aspects of open data as well as use cases in which open data has resolved issues and benefited communities. 

Open Data Impact: 

  • Case studies that focus on improving government, empowering citizens, creating opportunity, and solving public problems. 

Open Data Institute

  • Provides practical tips for publishing open data as well as a record of instances where open data has made a significant impact on people and communities. 

Open Definition

  • Sets out principles that define "openness" in relation to data and content to encourage compatibility between different pools of open material.

Open Knowledge International

  • A network of individuals passionate about openness. OKI encourages and coordinates with the network to assist with the open release of information. OKI also provides information on why open data is important, how to make data open, as well as case studies in which open data has yielded positive results. 

Open Data 500 Companies: 

  • A list of U.S. companies that use open government data in business strategies and product development. This list provides a basis for assessing the economic value of government open data. 

U.S. Open Data Tool Kit

  • The tool kit contains useful information on open data policies, resources, and best practices as well as new developments within the open data community.