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BUS 3601 Marketing Principles

This guide includes links to Evans Library and Web resources on Marketing and related areas.


Demographics are the physical characteristics of a population such as age, sex, marital status, family size, education, geographic location, and occupation. Demographic data is available from many sources, including both government agencies and private commercial sources. One of the primary sources is the United States Census Bureau and its reports based on the decennial census

US Census Comprehensive Resources

American Community Survey - One-year, 3-year, and 5-year estimates for the nation from the most recent release. Broad subject categories include social, economic, housing, and demographic.

Census Reports by Topic - includes census statistics organized by topic

Current Population Survey - a monthly survey of about 50,000 households conducted by the Census Bureau for the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Estimates obtained from the CPS include employment, unemployment, earnings, hours of work, and other indicators.

Data USA  - a collection of U.S. statistics and stories includes demographics, public health, energy consumption, mean income, and other topics categorized by location, industry, occupation, and education.

More Statistics

Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) - indicates future developments of households’ consumption and saving, based upon answers regarding their expected financial situation, their sentiment about the general economic situation, unemployment, and capability of savings.

Main Economic Indicators - a monthly statistical publication presenting data for various indicators for Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries and selected non-member economies.



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