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Introduction to NVivo


Overview of NVivo

NVivo is an electronic lab notebook designed to help researchers organize and explore qualitative data. This kind of data analysis is typically performed on textual documents, images, as well as video and audio recordings. Using built-in analysis tools, researchers are able to map out their own project workflows, assign conceptual themes to content, visualize these themes, and take notes on their own thoughts and actions at the various stages of the research process. 

NVivo Trial License: 

A 14-day free trial is available from the developers of NVivo. Follow the link to download the trial version. Users who own personal computers are encouraged to sample the software through the trial.

Who at Florida Tech may be using NVivo

Possible users of NVivo at Florida Tech include:

  • College of Psychology and Liberal Arts
  • College of Business
  • Science Education
  • Human Factors
  • Anyone who wants to visually represent and explore the connections between different ideas.
  • Anyone who has a lot of files and wants to keep the various file types together in a single application.
  • Anyone who wants to explore qualitative data analytics but lacks a background in computer programming.

Where to find NVivo @ Florida Tech

While it is possible to download a free trial of NVivo to a personal computer, the trial period is unlikely enough time for a user to develop and analyze a robust project.

While the Evans Library's Digital Scholarship Lab once had NVivo licenses, this is no longer the case.  To obtain the most current information about the availability of licenses elsewhere on campus, you may wish to explore some of the following options:

Students may also consider purchasing a discounted student license, which is good for a period of 12 months.

Overview & Quick Tutorials for NVivo 12

The following tutorials have been created by the developers of NVivo to assist users in using the tool. These tutorials are not comprehensive guides to using the application.