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Introduction to NVivo

A general introduction to the NVivo software application.

Visualizing Data in NVivo

NVivo offers built-in tools to assist users with visualizing data in a myriad of different formats for various purposes. 

Types of Charts


  • Charts can help visualize the coding in a project. 

Hierarchy Charts

  • Explore coding hierarchies between files in a project.

Types of Maps

Mind Maps

  • Visually represent ideas while brainstorming project subject matter. Mind maps are especially useful at the beginning of a project.

Concept Maps

  • Similar to the mind map, the concept allows users to map out ideas. Concept maps can also be used to explore connections in your data. 

Project Maps

  • A project map will represent the different files and project items that comprise your data and show the connections between them. 

Types of Diagrams

Comparison Diagrams

  • Comparison Diagrams help users see the similarities and differences between the different items in a project. 

Explore Diagrams

  • Explore diagrams enable the visualization of connections between a single project item and the other project items. 

Cluster Analysis Diagrams

  • Cluster Analysis Diagrams group files or nodes that share similar text, attribute values, or nodes. Project items that appear closer together are more similar than items that are far apart. 


  • A method for visually analyzing social networks.