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Introduction to NVivo

A general introduction to the NVivo software application.

Importing Data in NVivo

NVivo allows users to import a wide assortment of file types and even allows users to scrape web pages for content. Most file types can be imported using a standard file upload wizard used in many computing situations. In some cases, such as with Evernote and Qualtrics, users will be required to sign into their respective accounts to import materials stored in those software applications. 

Below is a list of the various file types that may be imported into NVivo. Clicking the link will open further documentation from the NVivo developers. 

Importable File Types: 

Using NCapture to Import Social Media Data

NVivo also has a tool for capturing content directly from the web using the NCapture plugin. NCapture has been optimally designed for importing social media content into the NVivo application. 

To Use NCapture: 

1. Click to download the NCapture plugin for Google Chrome 

  • The plugin will appear in the upper-right corner of the Chrome browser. 
    • You may have to make sure the extension is enabled even though it has been installed. 

2. Navigate to the content you wish to capture. 

3. Click on the NCapture plugin button and save the content in your preferred file format. 

  • The content will start downloading as an NCapture .nvcx file to your computer. 


To Import the .nvcx to Your Project: 

1. Open your project and select the Import tab at the top of the window. 

2. Select NCapture near the top-left (denoted by the NCapture symbol) .

  • .nvcx files will automatically be placed in your downloads folder, but if they have been moved you will need to select the correct folder from the pop-up window. 

3. Select the files you wish to import by checking the box on the left and then select the import button at the bottom of the pop-up window.

  • The imported materials will appear in the List View of the window. 


For a more comprehensive tutorial on how to install the NCapture plugin, click here