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Reference Training: Reference FAQs

The purpose of this guide is to provide information on reference service and resources for library staff and others who may have the opportunity to assist patrons in a liaison's absence.

Quick Links- Reference

Questions about Databases

Guide for Effective LIterature Searching

Helping the patron who is new to research

Florida Tech's programs cover a wide variety of disciplines. If a patron asks for research assistance in an area that you are not particularly familiar with, fear not!

Use the tools listed below to help you.

Frequently Asked Reference Questions

  • I'm a faculty member here at Florida Tech and I will be writing an article with a colleague who is not at a university? Is he/she able to access library resources?

Unfortunately, most of our license agreements are strict. There are two ways for someone not employed by Fl Tech to get access:

1) become an official visitor/volunteer with a TRACKS account

2) come physically to the Library and be given a temporary public TRACKS account (a small number of databases are not accessible this way due to their license agreements).