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Reference Training: Need Help with Chemistry?

The purpose of this guide is to provide information on reference service and resources for library staff and others who may have the opportunity to assist patrons in a liaison's absence.

Fall 2017 Tutoring Help for Chemistry Students

The Chemistry Department, in partnership with the Academic Support Center, will be offering Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction sessions in Library Room 303, one of the first-come first-served study rooms on the third floor,  this semester throughout the week.


GSAs will have set office hours in that room Mondays – Fridays 3-4pm.


The Supplemental Instruction will be offered varying hours Sunday – Thursday for CHM 1101 and 1102.  I will post the flyers with the times on the iDesk bulletin board.


Please direct students to room 303 if they are looking for Chemistry Tutors/ Assistance/ Tutor Center, etc.