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New Students Guide

A guide to answer questions commonly asked by new students at Florida Tech.


Welcome to Florida Tech!  We hope that your time here in the coming years will be both rewarding and enjoyable.

As a new student, we expect that you have many questions.  This guide seeks to answer those questions (and if it doesn’t, please let us know so that we can make it better).

To the left, you will see tabs leading to different areas of this guide.  A brief description of each tab is provided below.

Content Descriptions

The following are brief descriptions of the types of content available in this reference guide.  To access the content, click on either the tabs to the left or the links below.

University Website 

Learn about the key parts of the university’s website that you, as a student, should know about (including using your TRACKS Account and PAWS).


You will spend much of your time either attending classes or doing work for classes.  Learn such key information as how to register/sign up for classes, how to access the online Canvas platform used for your classes, where and how to get textbooks, and getting extra help in such areas as tutoring and testing, writing, and doing research.

Campus Resources

Whatever your area of study, there are resources you are likely to use during your time at Florida Tech, including IT (Information Technology), Career Services, Campus Health Services and, for our international students, International Student and Scholar Services.

Evans Library

We very much hope that, during your time at Florida Tech, you will spend lots of time at the Evans Library.  Learn about what kinds of materials you can borrow/get from the library, how to do research, getting assistance from the librarians, where to find computers, printers/copiers and scanners, and the availability of such library spaces as computer labs, study/meeting rooms, study carrels, and the CraftLab.

Life on Campus

You won't always be in class.  Learn about all the other aspects of being on campus, such as how to access a map for finding your way around, media for staying up to date on happenings on campus, parking and transportation, where to eat, how to pay for stuff, ways to spend your time when you're not studying, staying healthy, security, and how to contribute to our campus' sustainability.