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Tips and instructions on getting started using the document preparation system LaTeX.


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Naming of source files:

The name of a LATEX source file should be one word (no spaces, no special characters), and end with .tex.

(for examplemyfile.tex)

Spacing in text and math:

Many spaces equal one space in text, whereas your spacing is ignored in math, unless the space terminates a command.

Simple alignments

Use the align environment.
Separate the lines with \.
In each line, indicate the alignment point with &, one & per line.If the alignment point is adjacent to an =, +, and so on, place it before to ensure proper spacing.
Place a \notag command in each line that you do not wish numbered. If no line should be numbered, use the align* environment.
Place a \label command in each numbered line you may want to reference with \ref, \eqref, or \pageref.

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