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Tips and instructions on getting started using the document preparation system LaTeX.

Create a Bibliography

Example command:


The \bibliographystyle command tells LaTEX which style to use for the bibliography. The bibliography style called <style>, is defined in the file <style>.bst. This example demonstrates how you use the \bibliographystyle command to select a bibliography style called plain. While not required, it is a good idea to put the \bibliographystyle command in the preamble of your document. The bibliography style plain requires the additional package plain, which explains why the additional command \usepackage{plain} is used in the example.

End-of-Chapter Bibliographies

1. Import biblatex with your favourite options


2. Specify the names of your bibliography database(s).

\addbibresource{<your .bib file names>}

3. Add a refsection environment for each chapter and print the bibliography at the end of the chapter.

\chapter{From K\"onigsberg to G\"ottingen}
… % Lots of text and citations omitted.

4. Run latex on your LaTEX source file. This will create an auxiliary file for each refsection with a \printbibligraphy command in it. The names of theses auxiliary files are of the form <base name><number>- blx.aux, where <base name> is the base name of your main document.

5. Run bibtex on each auxiliary file. 

6. Run LaTEX twice.