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CIS 3100 Information Systems Security

Library resources and assigned readings

Getting Started

Welcome to the library research guide for CIS 3100 - Information Security Systems!  Here you will find readings from the Evans Library selected by your instructor, and other helpful library resources for your course.

Have questions or need to contact a Librarian?  Click on the "Ask A Librarian" link here for immediate assistance, or email a librarian on the left column to set up a consultation. We are most happy to help you!

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Grammarly Premium

Academic Writer Workshop - Writing with APA Citation Style - 7th Ed

Academic Writer Tutorial/Workshop : In the workshop below,  you will learn about:

  • the changes in APA Style Manual 7th ed.
  • how to access Academic Writer
  • the Academic Writer centers - for sample papers, templates, reference manager, and assistance as you write.