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Tips and instructions on getting started using the document preparation system LaTeX.

Thesis/Dissertaton Template

A number of the academic departments within Florida Tech require that their students prepare theses and dissertations using LaTeX.  This is therefore the circumstance under which many students first encounter LaTeX.

Preparing a thesis or dissertation is already, in its own right, a challenging process; having to contend with an unfamiliar platform such as LaTeX can surely make it even more so.

For this reason, the Evans Library provides thesis/dissertation templates that are formatted for LaTeX documents (and, for those departments not requiring LaTeX, using Microsoft Word). 

  • These templates are already configured to meet general formatting requirements for Florida Tech theses and dissertations.  Any differences between the template formatting and requirements of individual academic departments should be relative minor and easy to accommodate.
  • We strongly recommend that you use the LaTeX template. It will make your life easier.

You may access the template via the following reference guide:

For some further information to get you started with using LaTeX, the video featured in the box below may be helpful.

Video: An Overview of LaTeX for Theses & Dissertations