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Personal Librarian

Detailed description of the personal librarian program and useful links to information.

Searching OneSearch for a Peer Reviewed Article

Start on library's home page. Enter keywords for the topic you are researching in the search bar. Do not put in full sentences or questions.

Click Search. If you are off-campus you should see the below yellow bar. Click on  Welcome Guest and sign in with your TRACKS account for full access.

Screen Capture of welcome guest, sign in for complete access

Once signed-in, you can use the limiters on the Left side of the page to choose "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals" as well as by Date or Source type.

You may find one of several options on your result, all will get you to the article you require.

  •   - This option usually takes you directly to the PDF of the article.
  • - This option may say different database names but will take you to the article within a specific database in this example "BioMed Central"
  • - This option lets you choose to view the full text in HTML (webpage view) or PDF. Choose whichever you prefer.
  • - This option will take to a list of databases where the article is available

Full-Text Finder result example:

  • Screen Capture of Full Text Finder results

    When the result takes you into a database to view your article. You may have to look around the page for the link for the Full Text options, as they may in different parts of the page. Typically they are near the Title but may be above, below, to the right, or left. Here are a couple of examples: