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AVM 4303 - General Aviation Operations & Management

Resources and information for the General Aviation Operations & Management course.

Background Information

Before you can start any research on your topic, you must have a background knowledge of it. Books and websites can provide you with that knowledge.

This is important because:

  1. Background sources give you the language that people are using to discuss your topic. You will use this language when you start to search databases for scholarly articles and resources on the topic.
  2. This "pre-research" gives you a sense if your topic is focused enough. If your initial searches bring back so many results you can't even figure out what the language is, then you should consider narrowing your topic.


Content from IUPUI University Library Subject Guide Template is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Websites & Background Material

The above book is located in the O'Reilly Learning Platform. Follow the directions below to access the book. 

A UNIQUE PASSWORD IS REQUIRED. Find login instructions via the link below. Access to the most current knowledge, trends, conversations, and real-world experiences in business and technology with books, videos, case studies, expert-curated learning paths and self-assessments from world-renowned innovators and corporate leaders.
Get help at the guide for O'Reilly Learning Platform.