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Government Information Research Guide

Government information resources to support academic studies, both within and outside of Florida Tech.


This research guide focuses on Government Information Resources to assist students in their studies.

The box below this one, "Major Interdisciplinary Information Resources", lists a number of government information resources that contain information on a wide variety of subjects. 

For research related to specific colleges or academic topics within FIT, or the operation of various branches of the U.S. Government, we recommend that you consult the horizontal series of tabs above this box.

For government information resources to assist you in your life outside of school, we recommend that you visit our research guide "Government Information for the Citizen".

About Federal Depository Libraries...

What is the Federal Depository Library Program?

Why we are proud to be a Federal Depository Library.

 5 Easy Steps for finding Government Information in Florida Tech's Evans Library.

Major Interdisciplinary Information Resources