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Government Information for the Citizen

This is a research guide oriented toward providing government information for users' lives outside of the academic arena.

About Government Information and the Federal Depository Library Program

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The United States Government publishes authoritative research and statistics on aeronautics, agriculture, business, the economy, demographics, diseases, energy, engineering, the environment, manufacturing, nutrition, space, weather, and most other subjects. It also documents the functioning of our democracy by publishing the papers and actions of the President and federal agencies, the laws and proceedings of Congress, the opinions of the courts, and other information for citizens ranging from disaster preparedness to finding jobs to patents and trademarks, and much, much more.

As a member of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP), the Evans Library is dedicated to making information from and about the federal government available and understandable to all citizens of Brevard County. We have a small collection of print documents; these are typically older documents, although new editions of essential titles such as laws and regulations still arrive in print. Other material is available in microfiche, and may be viewed and copied using microfiche readers provided in the library.  However, the majority of current information is online and may be reached through the Library's catalog or this research guide.

Official Portal of the U.S. Government is the official portal to all U.S. Government Information websites.  If you are looking for information from the Federal Government, may very well have what you are looking for.

However, before exploring (a very big website), we recommend that you check the tabs along the side of this page to see if any of them might provide the information you need!