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Florida Tech Theses and Dissertations on the 4th Floor

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Call Number Prefixes and Author Phrases by Academic Subject

Psychology; Applied Behavior Analysis - BF 77.5

Thesis--Applied Behavior Analysis and Organizational Behavior Management

Thesis--Applied Behavior Analysis

Thesis--Aviation Psychology

Thesis--Behavior Analysis

Thesis--Clinical Psychology

Thesis--Engineering Psychology

Thesis--Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Thesis--Organizational Behavior Management

Thesis--Personnel Psychology


Ocean and Environmental Studies - GC11.5

Thesis--Biological Oceanography

Thesis--Chemical Oceanography

Thesis--Coastal Zone Management

Thesis--Earth Remote Sensing

Thesis--Environmental Science

Thesis--Geological Oceanography


Thesis--Ocean Engineering

Thesis--Oceanography and Ocean Engineering

Thesis--Physical Oceanography                    

Business - HD27.5

Thesis--Business Administration


Thesis--Management of Technology


Arts and Communication - P89

Thesis--Technical and Professional Communication

Thesis--Managerial Communication

Thesis--Global Strategic Communication                 

Thesis--Science Education

Thesis--Mathematics Education                    

Mathematical Sciences - QA11.A3       

Thesis--Applied Mathematics

Computer Science - QA96.5          

Thesis--Computer Science

Thesis--Computer Information Systems

Thesis--Software Engineering

Physics; Space Sciences - QC7.1

Thesis--Physics and Space Sciences


Thesis--Space Sciences

Chemistry - QD40.5          


Biological Sciences - QH315.25      

Thesis--Biological Sciences

Thesis--Biological Sciences--Cell and Molecular Biology

Thesis--Biological Sciences--Ecology

Thesis--Biological Sciences--Marine Biology

Thesis--Cell and Molecular Biology


Thesis--Marine Biology

Thesis--Molecular Biology 

Operations Research - T57.65

Thesis--Operations Research                                          

Civil Engineering; Construction Management  - TA160.9         

Thesis--Civil Engineering

Thesis--Civil Engineering/Construction

Systems Engineering - TA 168.3                   

Thesis--Systems Engineering

Chemical Engineering; Environmental Engineering - TA170.5         

Thesis--Environmental Science

Thesis--Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Thesis--Chemical Engineering

Thesis--Environmental Engineering

Thesis--Environmental Science and Engineering  (2 theses)

Engineering Management - TA190.3         

Thesis--Engineering Management                                      

Mechanical Engineering; Aerospace Engineering - TJ158.5         

Thesis--Mechanical Engineering

Thesis--Aerospace Engineering

Thesis--Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Computer Engineering; Electrical Engineering - TK165.5        

Thesis--Computer Engineering

Thesis--Electrical and Computer Engineering

Thesis--Electrical Engineering

Aeronautics - TL500.3         

Thesis--Airport Development and Management

Thesis--Applied Aviation Safety

Thesis--Aviation Human Factors

Thesis--Aviation Human Factors

Thesis--Aviation Science

Thesis--Cognitive Human Factors

Thesis--Human Factors in Aeronautics