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CYB 5280 - Host and Application Security

Week 5 Readings

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Ptacek, T. H., Newsham, T. N., & SECURE NETWORKS INC CALGARY ALBERTA. (1998). Insertion, evasion, and denial of service: Eluding network intrusion detection

Saltzer, J. H., & Schroeder, M. D. (1975). The protection of information in computer systems. Proceedings of the IEEE, 63(9), 1278-1308. doi:10.1109/PROC.1975.9939

Read pp.1279-1283

Stolfo, S., Bellovin, S. M., & Evans, D. (2011). Measuring security. IEEE Security & Privacy, 9(3), 60-65. doi:10.1109/MSP.2011.56