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COM 2370 - Speech

Getting Started

In COM 2370, you will be Introduced to the concepts and techniques of effective public speaking and small group communication. You will also prepare, organize and deliver different kinds of short speeches. This guide will help you find resources for preparing and delivering your speeches.

If you are looking for a speech topic, you might want to try a Summon search (click on the books and e-books tab) to see what the library has available on your topic. We also have e-books that will help you brush up on your presentation techniques.

Under the Websites of Interest tab, you can explore websites and blogs from individuals and organizations concerned with effective communication.

Please ask a librarian if you need any help or assistance!

Public Speaking Tips -

Here are a few videos from on how to be a better public speaker. TED Talks give you a chance to see professional speakers in action! These videos are included in the TED video playlist "Before Public Speaking..." and will hopefully be informative and "get you pumped up."


Watch Documentaries!

Use one of the Library's two Databases for streaming video to search and browse through hundreds of quality documentary and feature film videos on all kinds of topics.