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A General-purpose research guide for students studying meteorology

Background Information

Before you can start any research on your topic, you must have a background knowledge of it. Books and websites can provide you with that knowledge.

This is important because:

  1. Background sources give you the language that people are using to discuss your topic. You will use this language when you start to search databases for scholarly articles and resources on the topic.
  2. This "pre-research" gives you a sense if your topic is focused enough. If your initial searches bring back so many results you can't even figure out what the language is, then you should consider narrowing your topic.

Websites & Background Information

General reference sources of possible interest include:

Books & e-Books

To discover, locate and access print books in the library's collection, use the OneSearch search box on the library's homepage.  Searches may be conducted on the basis of book titles, authors or keywords (circled in red below).


To limit your search results to books, click on the "Advanced Search" link (circled in blue above) and then scroll down the page, check the box for "Available in Library Collection",  and select "Books" in the "Location" box (outlined in red to the right).

The Advanced Search option will also allow you to perform more complex searches involving multiple search terms.

To search the library's complete collection of eBooks, click on the eBooks link, located on the library's homepage in the "More Ways To Search" section. 

Searches conducted using this search box will return both eBooks and journal articles.  On the results page, limit the results to eBooks by checking "book" (under "Resource Type") on the left side of the page.

Some specific collections of eBooks may also be of interest, including those listed below: