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HUM 2053 & HUM 2054 - Introduction to Asian Civilization I & II

This Guide is designed to assist you in locating and using resources you will need for your speeches and assignments in HUM 2053 and HUM 2054.

What is a Database?


Use this selection of databases to find appropriate, reliable articles and information from a variety of academic sources. Summon is probably the best place to start, but you can explore what is available in other databases, too. Remember, research is trial and error. Try and try again -- and if you have questions, Just Ask a Librarian!

Finding Articles Using Bibliographic Citations

Maybe you have a full citation for an article, but not the full-text of the article. What now?

This video will help you to find articles using the information from their full bibliographic citations.

Full Text Finder

Some databases may show you results for articles that are not available in full-text. That means you cannot read the full article in that database.

If this happens, look for this link in your database search results: 

Clicking on the Full Text Finder link will reveal if and where full-text access to the article is available.

Remember, if you have questions, Just Ask!