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Market Research (WeVENTURE)

This research guide was created for WeVENTURE staff to find library and web resources to assist clients.

Market Research

Market Research refers to the study of the entire market and consumer behavior within that market.  It helps you understand your customers, familiarize yourself with the competition, and what people are prepared to pay for your product or service.  This is done by:

  • gathering and analyzing data about the position of a product or service in a market
  • by looking at demographics, customer income, behavior, needs, preferences, interests, spending habits, and geographic locations
  • and by analyzing the industry, competitors, and economic conditions and trends.

Read This To Get Started

Business Resources and Services @ Evans Library

Business-related information and research services are available at your library through its website. Use your TRACKS account and password to access Evans Library resources on campus and remotely.

Finding Information Sources

Please note: The following business databases are considered professional databases (not primarily for academic research) therefore, are not included in OneSearch: 

  • Checkpoint
  • NetAdvantage
  • Mergent Online
  • Mergent Intellect
  • Statista
  • Business Insight


Journals - Business & Management  

Research Guides

Other Resources/Services

Types of Publications

  • Scholarly journal articles are meant for scholars, students, and the general public who want a deep understanding of a problem or issue. Researchers and scholars write these articles to present new knowledge and further understanding of their field of study.

  •  Popular newspaper and magazine articles are meant for a broad audience, generally affordable, and easy to purchase or available for free. They are written by staff writers or reporters for the general public.

  • Professional or trade journals are industry-specific news publications written for professionals in a given field. Articles are often short and current. It can be beneficial for market research.

This video discusses more in depth the differences between popular, scholarly, and trade publications.