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SPS 4010 - Astrophysics 1 - Stellar Structure and Evolution

Use this guide to get tips, links, and resources that will help you complete your visualization project.

Welcome to Your Project Guide!

This guide contains all kinds of information, links, and resources that will help you to complete your visualization project for Dr. Caballero-Nieves' SPS 4010 course. Be sure to contact your Liaison Librarian, William Bowman, if you have any questions!

Project Description

Project Description:

You have been awarded a publicly funded grant to study a topic covered in this class.

You will need to present a visualization of the material for a public audience; however, the visualization/animation still needs to be physically accurate.

The animation/visualization can be in a variety of formats:

  • A movie
  • Animated gif
  • 3-D visualization
  • Or, presented in a new and interesting form visually

Project Rubric

Project Rubric:

The Project will be graded on the following criteria:

  • Project Topic - 4
  • Progress Report - 5
  • Project Presentation - 10
  • Peer review - 6
  • Visualization - 25
  • Final Report - 25

This project will count for 10% of your total course grade.

Example Topics:

Here are some examples and ideas for topics provided by Dr. Caballero-Nieves:

How the interior of stars evolved with time for different masses

How a stars spectrum can evolved with temperature or gravity

How star clusters evolve with time

Recreating stellar light curves and being able to change their parameters (what it looks like edge on versus face-on, etc.)

Cartoon representation of what happens during star formation or binary interactions

Create figures using some of the physics principals we’ve gone over in class

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