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Introduction to R: Instructional Videos

A series of brief instructional videos for developing foundational skills in the use of the R statistical computing and graphics software

Introduction to R

This guide will provide you with access to  instruction in the basic functionality of the R software for statistical computing and graphics.

Instruction is provided through a series of videos, which are listed below in the recommended order for viewing.

If you already have some background in the use of R, you may skip ahead to a particular video of interest.  However, since the successive videos build upon the content of earlier videos, it will be advantageous to view the videos in the order in which they are presented.

The videos contain a wide variety of examples demonstrating the use of R.  These utilize data sets and pre-prepared code samples, which viewers may access and download by clicking on the Supporting Content tab on the left side of this page. To gain the full possible benefit from the videos, viewers are encouraged to download the supporting content and go through the examples on their own as they view the videos.

Instructional Videos