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Introduction to ArcGIS Pro

Provides access to instructional videos and sample data for learning core skills for using ArcGIS Pro

Introduction to ArcGIS Pro

A variety of disciplines taught at Florida Tech make use of Geographic Information Systems, also known as GIS.

This reference guide provides resources for learning the basics of ArcGIS Pro, one of the world's preeminent GIS platforms, which is available to Florida Tech students in the Evans Library's Digital Scholarship Lab.

Resources provided include:

  • Sample data sets for use in ArcGIS Pro
  • A series of instructional videos

These are described further in the boxes below.

Data Sets

You can't do much with GIS unless you have some data to work with.

So, here is some sample data that you can play around with.  Since it's the same data that's used in the examples in the videos, you can use it to work along with the videos as you watch them.

Instructional Videos

The following videos, which are typically less than 5 minutes long, are designed with the complete newcomer to GIS in mind. 

You will probably derive the greatest benefit from them if you go through them in the order they are listed, since the latter videos build upon content covered in the earlier videos.  However, if you already have some knowledge of GIS, you are welcome to skip videos that appear to cover subjects with which you are already familiar.