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This Internet-accessible research workshop is designed to introduce students to the wide variety of services and resources available at the Evans Library and through the Library website.

Documenting Research - PDF Version

Click the link below to view a printable version of the slideshow above.

Plagiarism and Academic Integrity

“After you’ve made sure to find the best quality resources for your project or paper, you need to know how to use those sources responsibly and ethically. Florida Tech places a high value/emphasis on academic integrity and as a student you are expected to maintain a high level/standard of integrity in your academic work. Please watch the following video that explains Florida Tech’s position on academic integrity:”

Plagiarism Game

Test your documentation skills with the Plagiarism Game from Lycoming College! Find all of the goblins and answer all of the questions to win. HINT: Press the tab key to find stubborn goblins...