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What it is and ways to avoid it, with exercises and examples

Additional Resources on Plagiarism and Citing Sources

Safe Practices (Purdue OWL):

Introductory Phrases (UNSW):

Plagiarism Exercises (Indiana U)

Book on Plagiarism:

The Complete Guide to Discouraging Plagiarism :

Other Universities Guidelines/Resources:

Univ. of the Witwatersrand Research Guide:  Plagiarism, Citation and Referencing Styles:  Definitions/Types


UMUC Academic Integrity :

Simon Fraser:

Acadia University. Use - You Quote It, You Note It!:

Clark College Libraries. Avoid Plagiarism:

Cornell University. Recognizing and Avoiding Plagiarism:

East Central University. Academic Integrity ECU and Beyond:

Eastern Florida State College. Basic Information Literacy Tutorial:

Northern Illinois University. Online Tutorial on Academic Integrity:

Missouri Southern State University. Plagiarism: Goblin Threat Plagiarism Game :

Monash University (Australia). Academic Integrity:

Rutgers University.  How to Avoid Plagiarism:

Sam Houston State University. Information literacy Tutorial:

San Jose State University. Plagiarism tutorial:

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism:

Avoiding Plagiarism:

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism:

Referencing Style Guide:

Straight Talk about Plagiarism from Bedford/St. Martin's

Daily Cheats - Instances of cheating in the real world by David Callahan, author of Cheating Culture.

Help at Florida Tech

  • Library Workshops and Seminars
  • Academic Support Center
  • Evans Library Librarians (Linda, Chelsea, Philina)

Plagiarism Advice from Other Universities/Organizations

Princeton University  - advice on the avoidance of plagiarism, with some useful examples and guidance on source use and referencing.

Indiana University School of Education- practical tutorial with extensive examples, including a formal test with certification.

Leeds University online examples of good citation practice and sources use with examples

Goucher College ‘Plagiarism-by-Paraphrase Risk Quiz’ - covers academic practice in five different disciplines

University of Essex site.

International Center for academic integrity - "What is so important about academic integrity" videos





Acts of Plagiarism

Check out these sites for examples of plagiarism:

Your Rights

Important to note:  See what a UK judge ruled on student's suit about plagiarism:

Leaving Plagiarism to the Academics - In this 2013 article, Johnathan Bailey concludes that " the main thrust of the ruling is simple: To put the decisions about what is and is not plagiarism in the hands of the experts that know best."