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ECE 5246 - Digital Image Processing

This guide provides support for the research assignment.


This course covers many image processing methods that can be applied to practical and in-depth engineering problems.

For your research assignment, you will locate and review an article from a scholarly journal or conference proceedings related to an image processing method covered in your textbook. You will write a detailed summary of the article (3-5 pages, double-spaced) and record a 10-minute Zoom PowerPoint presentation (with audio) covering the article.

  • The summary paper is due Tuesday, April 20 using the formatting requirements below.
  • The recorded PowerPoint presentation is also due on April 20.
  • You professor will create a course module called "Student Presentations" where you will go between Wednesday, April 21 - Friday, April 23 to watch five of the presentations and fill out a short questionnaire for each. 


Font Sizes

The proper fonts (all Times Roman) for various elements are:

  1. Paper title is 16 pt bold   
  2. Section heading are 12 pt bold caps
  3. Body text is 12 pt


Center the title at the top of the page in 16-point bold type. Only the first word, proper nouns, and acronyms are capitalized.

Principal headings

Type on a separate line, 12-point type, centered, all capital letters, and boldfaced. Number sections sequentially (i.e., 1, 2, 3,...)


Leave a space between paragraphs.


Cite your reference at the end of the paper including the following information (size 10 pt font).

For a journal paper: authors (last name first, then initials), "paper title" (in quotes), journal abbreviation, volume number(issue), page numbers (year). 
Davis, A., R., Bush, C., Harvey, J. C. and Foley, M. F. , "Fresnel lenses in rear projection displays," SID Int. Symp. Digest Tech. Papers 32(1), 934-937 (2001). 

For a proceedings paper: authors (last name first, then initials), "paper title" (in quotes), proceedings volume name and/or number, page numbers (year).
Van Derlofske, J. F., "Computer modeling of LED light pipe systems for uniform display illumination," Proc. SPIE 4445, 119-129 (2001).