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CRM 3610 Criminal Justice and the Media

Week 8

 The articles listed below can also be accessed via the library or where noted a link to the publication's website.

Week 8 Readings


Greer, C., & McLaughlin, E. (2010). WE PREDICT A RIOT?: Public order policing, new media environments and the rise of the citizen journalist. The British Journal of Criminology, 50(6), 1041-1059. doi:10.1093/bjc/azq039. Retrieved from:

Hollywood, J. S., Woods, D., Lauland, A., Jackson, B. A., & Silberglitt, R. (2018, March 26). Emerging Technology Trends and Their Impact on Criminal Justice. Retrieved from

Convergence Culture Readings 

Jenkins, H. (2006, June 29). Convergence and Divergence: Two Parts of the Same Process. Retrieved from

Jenkins, H. (2006, June 19). Welcome to Convergence Culture. Retrieved from