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CRM 3610 Criminal Justice and the Media

Week 6

  The articles listed below can also be accessed via the library or where noted a link to the publication's website.

Week 6 Readings

Bennett, J. (2006). The good, the bad and the ugly: The media in prison films. The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, 45(2), 97-115.

Mahan, S., & Lawrence, R. (1996). Media and mayhem in corrections: The role of the media in prison riots. The Prison Journal, 76(4), 420-441. doi:10.1177/0032855596076004004

Mason, P. (n.d.). Systems and Process: The Prison in Cinema. Retrieved from

Whittaker, B. (2019, March 31). German-style program at a Connecticut maximum security prison emphasizes rehab for inmates.(Transcript only; the video is available on CBS All Access by subscription.) Retrieved from