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CRM 3610 Criminal Justice and the Media

Week 3

The articles listed below can also be accessed via the library or where noted a link to the publication's website. 


Week 3 Readings

Ann, L. (2013). CJCR: Centre for Journalism & Communication Research, Bournemouth University.

Bonn, S. A. (2015). Moral panic: Who benefits from public fear? Retrieved from
Moral panics maintain the status quo.

DiBennardo, R. A. (2018). Ideal victims and monstrous offenders: How the news media represent sexual predators. Socius, 4, 237802311880251. doi:10.1177/2378023118802512

Green, S. (2019). Video gaming disorder is a disease? sounds like cultural bias to me | commentary. Orlando: Tribune Interactive, LLC.

Ortiz, J. L. (2019, ). Denying mass killers 'sick, twisted fame': Public officials refuse to name them to avoid copycats. USA Today.

Pappas, S. (2017, October 04). Experts Call for Mass Killers' Names to Be Kept Quiet. Retrieved July 02, 2019, from

Perry, D. (n.d.). WGBH Openvault. Retrieved July 8, 2019, from

Week 3 Video

Crime and Deviance: A Sociological Inquiry (Segments 1-4)