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Data Cleaning

An introductory guide to data cleaning concepts, tools, and methods.

Learn Data Cleaning with R

There are many options available online for learning data cleaning with R. Here are a few of our favorites. 

Learning the Basics:

  • From the Data Camp Blog Post, this blog post features videos and transcripts which cover a basic introduction to dirty data and the main concepts of data cleaning. 
  • A more comprehensive learning resource, this discussion paper offers a detailed background on data cleaning and how it fits into the research data mining and analysis process. The paper also contains coding examples as well as exercises for learners to test their skills. 


Reformatting Data:

  • This guide offers in-depth examples of the common data cleaning issues outlined in Hadley Wickham's "Tidy Data" article, including the code used to resolve those issues. This article is code-heavy and will best serve those who are already familiar with R. 


Merging Similar Strings:

  • A walkthrough offering coding examples of the functions that make up the Refinr package. 

OpenRefine Tutorial:

  • A guided tutorial offering a breakdown of various key tools and functions found in OpenRefine.