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MATLAB - Get Started

Resourcs from MathWorks

  • Interactive Tutorials - Interactive tutorials designed especially for students. Faculty may use this material to supplement their courses. The tutorials are narrated by engineers from MathWorks and include several interactive exercises to reinforce learning.
  • Recorded Webinars - Video lectures covering a variety of MATLAB Apps and topics
  • MATLAB Documentation - A wide array of support topics
  • MATLAB File Exchange - A central collection of user-contributed MATLAB code, tools, and examples
  • MATLAB Anwers Forum - Ask questions and see answers to questions asked by others

Books from Evans Library

A Guide to Self-Study on MATLAB Programming (fundamental)

Audience: This one-session workshop (fundamental level) is for beginners (esp. freshman and/or sophomore of STEM disciplines) as well as others interested.

Objectives: (1) to have a glimpse of this computation language & relevant e-resource search strategy, based on updated MATLAB version; (2) to suggest efficient approaches for initiating self-study; (3) to get familiar with m-file coding & relevant online Help search tips.

Contents: (1) basics of the programming environment; (2) different levels of Help search strategy; (3) m-file coding & fig-file editing; (4) suggested approaches for efficient self-study; (5) practical significance. 

Archived Materials: