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EHR 3335 Selection and Placement

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Readings on Recruitment

Below is a list of readings selected by your instructor. Click on the link below the citation to access the article.


      Babcock, P. (2017). 5 steps to improve diversity recruiting. HRNews, Retrieved from

      Onley, D. (2017). Avoid biased language in job postings. HRNews, Retrieved from

      Maurer, R. (2017). Companies to spend more on branding to find ideal candidates.HRNews, Retrieved from

     Babcock, P. (2017). How to take a tactical approach to veteran hiring. HRNews, Retrieved from

     Wright, A. D. (2017). Increasing diversity one nontraditional candidate at a time.HRNews, Retrieved from

     Babcock, P. (2017). Intelligent machines are changing recruiting. HRNews, Retrieved from

     Babcock, P. (2017). Intelligent technology is changing recruiting. HRNews, Retrieved from

     Maurer, R. (2016). Job openings remain historically high. HRNews, Retrieved from

     Maurer, R. (2017). More employers embrace RPO as hiring battles heat up. HRNews, Retrieved from

     Maurer, R. (2017). Recruiters: Challenge hiring managers to improve the search process. HRNews, Retrieved from

     Zielinski, D. (2017). Recruiting gets smart thanks to artificial intelligence. HRNews, Retrieved from

     Maurer, R. (2017). Recruitment marketing: From trendy to necessary. HRNews, Retrieved from

     Sackett, T. (2017). Viewpoint: How to sell top talent on joining your small company.HRNews, Retrieved from

     Maurer, R. (2017). Warning signs: Recruiters reveal their biggest turnoffs. HRNews, Retrieved from

     Miller, S. (2015). As job market tightens, touting benefits can close the deal.HRNews, Retrieved from

     Skrzypinski, C. (2017). Candidates value flexibility, employers seek cultural fit.HRNews, Retrieved from

     Miller, S. (2016). Employers alter benefits to attract, retain employees, SHRM finds.HRNews, Retrieved from

     Maurer, R. (2017). How to maximize job advertising. HRNews, Retrieved from

     Maurer, R. (2017). HR is turning to freelancers to meet talent shortage. HRNews, Retrieved from


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