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Behavior Analysis: Research Paper Resources - APA Style

This guide is a starting point for research related to Behavior Analysis at Florida Tech.

APA Style CENTRAL- Your starting point for all things APA!

Below is  a recording for research support workshop session on APA Style Central.









Tutorials on APA Style Central can be found here:

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Use the tabs above or the box below to help find the information you need to assist you in your research process.

Annotated Bibliography in APA Format Annotated Bibliography
Information on the literature review process and help on defining your topic Literature Review 
Sample papers and outline resources Creating an Outline and Formatting
In-text citation assistance in APA  In-Text Citations in APA Style
Creating a Reference list and examples Reference Page in APA Style
Citing Sources and Plagiarism Citing Sources
Help using the library resources  Ask a Librarian
APA Style website