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The Fair Way

Welcome to the Fair Way, your partner in Brevard County science research! Evans Library has assembled information, resources, and instructions to help you write the parts of your research plan.

Risks & Safety

U.S. Food & Drug Administration. (2013). Research microbiologist Rebecca Bell observes tomatoes suspended in a plastic bag of a liquid containing nutrients that make it an ideal environment for growing bacteria.

You will need to specify the risks, safety precautions, and safety equipment involved in your project. You will perform the risk assessment with your advisor.

Below are some sites that can help you determine the properties of substances and their safety requirements:

  • Organic Syntheses. - a cooperative venture among chemists and other scientists, with full text available online free of charge.
  • Aldrich Chemistry - provides a catalog of organic & inorganic chemicals that includes images, descriptions, and molecular formulas.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets - Lists general, government, and manufacturer MSDS sites.
  • Molport- Created to help the scientific community to speed up drug discovery, Molport lists 9 million chemical compounds with their chemical information, patents, and more.
  • Wolfram Alpha - Find properties, information, and diagrams of chemical elements, compounds, reactions, and more in an easily searchable interface.