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Technology Management: Company

This guide is a starting point for research related to Technology Management at Florida Tech.

Company Information

Financial and business information and data on United States and international companies; includes history, company details, executives, ownership, financials, equity pricing, reports, filings, news, competitors.
There are several ways to find industry information:
(1) Search by SIC or NAICS for list of companies in your industry.
Or (2)click on Report Search tab (top of search page). Select Industry Reports, and choose an industry.
Or (3), do a Company Search. Click on the Reports tab. Select Industry Reports. Use the Report Builder tab to compare the company against Industry or other companies.
From Companies, select Stock Reports option listed under Resources drop-down box and search by company name or ticker symbol. Updated frequently, with the most useful updates following quarterly and annual statements.
Value Line Research Center provides quarterly-updated reports on over 3,500 stocks, 90 industries, and 2,000 mutual funds; news & analysis; options; convertibles; special situations; and exchange traded funds. Search by company name or ticker to get to the page-long reports.  
To find company information: 
1. Click on the Get Company Info tab.
2. Select Company Dossier link - in blue at bottom of box.
If you know the company name, use Get Company Info search box. If you only know the industry, use the Combined Search box. Then on the results page, choose an appropriate category from the left frame to refine your search.

Annual Report Sources

Most companies will post their current and some previous annual reports on their corporate websites. provides the most recent annual report for most corporations in pdf and html versions.

Required company filings with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) may be viewied online in its EDGAR service.


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