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Resources for ESL and ELS Students

This research guide provides helpful information and tips for your time here at Florida Tech.

Evans Library Has Books!

Books are on the fourth floor in the Library's QUIET ZONE. Our book collection includes titles in every major taught at Florida Tech and covers a date range from before 1958 to the present.

Find books by typing keywords, authors, titles, or Library of Congress Subject Headings (subjects) in the Library catalog search box. Books are shelved by Library of Congress (LC) call number, and can be checked out of the Library using a community user Library Card.

Portions of books can be scanned or copied, within the guidelines of copyright law.

Reference Books can also be found on the fourth floor. You can even take them out of the library!

Online Reference Resources are also available. Find these by searching in one of the reference databases: Access Science, Credo Reference Unlimited, or Facts on File, or for a listing of many excellent print and online reference resources, go to the Reference Research Guide. If you do not have a TRACKS account, please go to the Service Desk on the first floor and request a public access password to access e-Books.

E-Books are available for reading online; many e-Books allow you to print pages or chapters to read later. If you do not have a TRACKS account, please go to the Service Desk on the first floor and request a public access password to access e-Books.

Find e-Books by doing an advanced search in the Library Catalog and choosing INTERNET from the Location dropdown list.

Catalog Search Tips

Default is a Quick Search.

Use single quotes to search for phrases (example: ‘artificial intelligence’).

Most words in the Catalog’s records are indexed and therefore searchable.

Boolean operators AND, OR, XOR, and NOT may be used to narrow or expand searches.

Truncation/wildcard symbols are $ (any number of characters) and ? (single character).

Subject searching works best with Library of Congress Subject Headings.

Click the links in catalog records (subjects, authors, and more) to continue searching.

Search results may be printed, e-mailed, or saved as a text file to be imported into RefWorks.

The Catalog disregards stop words (such as a, an, as, at, be, but, by, do, for, if, in, is, it, of, on, the, to) unless they are surrounded by double quotes.

Click the Advanced Search link to limit by field, publication year, and location.

Click Advanced Search, then Call Number (to the right of the search box) to search by Library of Congress (LC) or Superintendent of Documents (SUDOCS) call number.

Find Reference Books

The REFERENCE Research Guide lists many excellent reference resources, including biographies, almanacs, encyclopedias, and much more.

Click the tab for your field to view reference titles specific to your discipline, or click the General tab to see a broad variety of general reference resources.


Searching in the following databases finds your keywords or topics within the pages of hundreds of e-Books. E-Book titles also appear in Library catalog search results. If you do not have a TRACKS account, please to the Service Desk on the first floor and requiest a public access password to access e-Books.

Click the "i" icon to read more about each database.