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Tips and instructions on getting started using the Mendeley citation management software.

Adding References

1. Add references by simply dragging & dropping PDFs into your library.

2. Import existing libraries from other citation management programs (EndNote/BibTeX/RIS databases/RefWorks),

3. Add references manually, import from electronic databases

4. Import using document ID lookups.
Drag & Drop a PDF
Just drag a PDF from your desktop, share space, or USB drive into your library. Mendeley then extracts the metadata (author, title, journal name, etc.) to create a library record. If the program senses that there may be errors, the record will be placed in a "Needs Review" folder until you correct the record or confirm that it's correct.
Web Importer
The Web Importer lets you add citations from databases and from websites. 
1. If you are using a database such a ProQuest or PubMed, perform your search.
2.  If you need to select from a list of citations indentified in your search, you can make your selections in the Web Importer window.
3, Add your citations to the a folder.
4. Click the Web Importer. A new window opens.
5. Click the Import icon for each item you want in your library
If you haven't already logged in to your Mendeley online account, you will be prompted to do so.
After importing items, you can add tags, place items in specific collections, and add notes to each record right in the Import window.  If there is a PDF available, it will be imported as well.  Records are imported in your online account. Remember to sync your desktop library with your online library when you add new records.

Crete a Collection

Create a Collection

Organize your references by subject, project, or any way that makes sense to you.

1. Click the Create Folder icon.

2. Type the name of the new collection in the box.

3. To add items to the collection just select, drag, and drop them into the folder.

Insert citations and format bibliographies in Microsoft Word documents

Attaching a File (such as a PDF) to an Existing Citation Record

1. Highlight the citation to which you wish to add a document.

2. Click the Add Documents icon.

3. Select Add Files then search for and select the file you want to attach.

4. Click Open to add the file.

5. In the item record, under Files, select Add File...

6. Browse, select the file, and click Open to add