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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

This guide is a starting point for research information for DBA candidates studying at Florida Tech.

Literature Review

Preparing your Literature Review

Below are some resources to help you organize your approach to preparing a literature review.

Sources for Dissertation Proposal Writing - Evans Library

Checklist of Resources for Literature Review

Consider the following list of sources and information types when organizing your literature review. Links for resources are below.

Books:  Search the Evans Library Catalog or available books and eBooks.

Journal literature: Use databases to find relevant scholarly articles. Databases searches are essential to ensure that you have retrieved all relevant literature in your field. Google Scholar can also be used to locate articles. 

Citation databases: Evans Library provides access to Scopus and Web of Science. These databases allow you to trace the works of particular authors and provides citations to related articles. These sources provide both peer-reviewed research literature and quality web resources.

Scholarly sites that have content that will not be found using Google can be useful e.g InTech Open, BASE, OAJSE.

Websites of Organizations often contain useful links to other quality web resources. Find a key organization in your subject area (government agency, nongovernmental organization, scholarly society, research institute, professional or business association). Find their website and look for links.

Statistics are available online from a number of organizations; additional resources can also be found on the Business & Statistics/Census and Data Sets for Business pages of this guide. 

Grey Literature (or Gray Literature) - Unpublished source material is an essential resource for some research projects but is often extremely difficult to locate and access. Gray literature is produced by government agencies, universities, corporations, research centers, associations and societies, and professional organizations. For more information about gray literature, try the University of Arizona's IL Toolkit-Finding Information: Gray literature or the CSIC's Ranking Web of Repositories.

Office of Graduate Studies

Florida Tech's Office of Graduate Studies provides multiple services for students enrolled in Graduate Programs. 

Disseration Proposal Web Resources

Peer Review Process

Watch this tutorial from NCSU to learn more on the literature review process.

Peer Review