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Industry Research

Industry analysis, market analysis, ratios, NAICS and SIC Codes

Government Statistics Overview

The U.S. Government is a primary resource for free statistical information about U.S. Businesses.  These  statistics are collected and disseminated by multiple agencies.

Things to know about government statistics:

  • Some economic data is collected on the industry level, some on the company or enterprise level, and data collection timeframes vary.  Be cautious when using data from multiple sources and make sure you are not comparing apples and oranges.
  • NAICS industry codes provide effective ways to search for both company and industry information in many statistics databases.
  • Look for Federal or state agencies that relate to your industry focus, for example, the Transportation or Aviation boards for statistics related to railroads or aviation; U.S. Department of Education for projects pertaining to education.
  • Statistical data often can be downloaded into spreadsheets or manipulated in mapping/GIS tools.

Government Resources - Industry

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