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BUS 1801 - Global Business Perspectives: Home

A guide to library resources and services related to global business and international business research.

Library Website

All the resources and services listed in this guide can be found on the Library Website ( Click the link below or Evans Library in the breadcrumb trail at the top.

Course Description

BUS 1801: Global Business Perspectives - Surveys the functions and operations of business organizations in a global marketplace  Studies the structure, operation, financing, relationships and resonsibilities of firms in context of current legal, social, regulatory, and environmental issues.

Getting Started

Use the table below or the tabs above to find information resources on

Global Business Research


Articles from individual journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. Journals/Articles
Articles from journals and books in library databases Databases/Articles
Dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, definitions, etc. Reference
Articles/book chapters from books and e-books Books & e-Books
Journal articles and books not readily available online Research Help
Country information, statistics, demographics, government .... Country Resources
Financials, executives, products, exports, demographics, local data Company
Industry surveys, trends, analysis, financials, information Industry
How to save and cite your references/citations

Citing Sources


Note:  All the resources and services listed on this guide can be found on the Library Website (