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Learn how to use RefWorks, RefShare, RefGrabIT, and Write-N-Cite

Write-N-Cite Download Instructions

RefWorks can work with your word-processor to create citations while you are writing your paper. You can connect RefWorks to your word processing program with Write-N-Cite. Below are instructions for  downloading a plug-in.

Start Using Write-N-Cite

After downloading the proper file from the download page…

1.  Make sure that Microsoft Word is not running.

2.  Confirm that you have all recent Windows and Office updates from Microsoft’s Update tool.

3.  Run the downloaded exe file.  If you are on a multi user system you will need to be an Administrator to install Write-N-Cite.

4.  Follow the steps of the installer.  You may be prompted to install pre-requisites before the Write-N-Cite install begins

5.  When the installer has completed open Microsoft Word.  You will see a new RefWorks or ProQuest tab in your Ribbon.  ProQuest for Word users will see a ProQuest tab in your ribbon.

6.  Login to your RefWorks account by clicking the login button on the Ribbon.  You can enter your Group Code, Login Name & Password or you can use the Login Code as copied from the Write-N-Cite download page.

If you did not copy your Login Code before, you can get a new code from the Write-N-Cite download page at any time.  Each code is specific to your account and expires after 4 hours if not used.

After installing and logging in, there’s no need to log out when using your personal computer.  Your account will stay tied to the computer across sessions until you choose to log out.

Write-N-Cite 4 with Word 2013


  • Do not install Write-N-Cite for Word with Microsoft Word running.  
  • If you have an earlier version of Write-N-Cite, uninstall it before continuing.
  • Your RefWorks tab in Word may show up as ProQuest.