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Learn how to use RefWorks, RefShare, RefGrabIT, and Write-N-Cite

Tips & Tricks from RefWorks

RefWorks Community - tips and tricks on solving problems in RefWorks, and the latest news and updates.

Where is my Citation?

RefWorks stores your references in the folder Last Imported. However, when you import new references into RefWorks, it will displace the references currently listed in this folder. These references can be viewed by going to View -All References.

Blank Screen, Pop-ups...

If you get a blank screen instead of the RefWorks page (when you download citations in an EBSCO or other database) the problem is likely that you have a pop-up blocker operating on your computer.

A lot of computers are equipped with pop up blockers (e.g., Google toolbar), and the browser sees the opening RefWorks window as a popup and prevents it from opening.

A temporary solution is to hold the CTRL key down while you click on Save to save citations to RefWorks.  This tells the popup blocker that a popup is being allowed.



  • Do not install Write-N-Cite for Word with Microsoft Word running.  
  • If you have an earlier version of Write-N-Cite, uninstall it before continuing.

Incomplete Bibliography in MLA 7th Edition

Missing "title of database" and "date of entry" in your Work Cited/Bibliography when using MLA 7th Edition?

When citing material from a service to which the library subscribes, complete the citation by stating the name of the library [Florida Tech], with a city, a state abbreviation or both [Melbourne, FL], and the date of access. Also MLA would like the URL of the service's home page (in angle brackets) otherwise you can end with the date of access. This library information must be manually added to each record as appropriate.

Use the Global Edit option if several of your references come from one database and the database was accessed on the same day. To do this: Select the records (from your list of references) to edit, click on Global Edit. In the Global Edit page, select Electronic Source Related Fields and fill in Database and Retrieved Date fields.Click on Add.